Music Director

Dr. Lee H. Jones

Dr. Lee H. Jones

The Athenaeum Pops Orchestra, the oldest orchestra in Indiana, is pleased to announce its new Music Director, Dr. Lee H. Jones, effective immediately.

The Athenaeum Pops Orchestra’s long 133 year history has included many fine conductors: Founded by Emil Wulschner as an orchestra in 1875, some of the other fine conductors have been Constantine Borschoff, David Hughes, Jackson Wiley, Edward Staubach, Dr. Charles Conrad, many others,and most recently, Jose Valencia. Based in, and rehearsing in the historic Athenaeum building in downtown Indianapolis, this orchestra has provided entertaining and lively music for generations of Indianapolis music lovers. Our mission is to “provide the music that everyone loves to hear”.

Dr. Jones has a long history in the Indianapolis music scene. A graduate of Shortridge High School’s fine music program in the 1950’s, he attended both Indiana University and Cincinnatti College Conservatory, studying oboe with Keith Kummer and Ferdinand Pryor. He is presently principal oboe of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis and the Bloomington Symphony, principal bassoonist and associate conductor of the Scottish Rite Orchestra, a member of the chamber groups Slaughterhouse Five Woodwind Quintet, Quarter of Sax saxophone quartet, and Central Indiana Baroque Ensemble. He is one of the founders and Music Director of the Phillips Music Guild of Indianapolis, a mentoring group fostering young and talented middle and high school students in the central Indiana area. As Music Director of that organization, he is the founder and conductor of the Phillips Wind Ensemble and the Jazz Renegades Dance Band. He was a founding member of the Indianapolis Symphonic Band, and the founder and conductor of the Indianapolis Chamber Winds. He has guest conducted the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis, the Carmel Symphony, the Bloomington Symphony, and, of course, the Athenaeum Pops Orchestra.

 The orchestra’s mission is to provide a quality playing outlet for our members that is musically rewarding, to entertain our audiences with both familiar and unusual music of high quality, and to mentor younger musicians in their goals of being better musicians. 

The Athenaeum Pops Orchestra is now looking for qualified members to fill out its roster. For more information about the orchestra, when and where we rehearse, and our upcoming concerts, please check our website, address listed above, or call Lee Jones at the above number.


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